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CTFO Main page Life just took a turn for the better!!! Because of all the uncertainty in the world these days, I decided to look for something that could possibly be a self-sustaining opportunity for me. I’ve come across something pretty amazing! Here is just one of the amazing testimonies our customers have shared!


Being a medical aestheticion for years I always tried to find something that can work on the cellular level to achieve a rapid cell growth and repair damaged cells caused by free radicals.

Using topical creams can work on the surface and only few of them have receptors within the skin. Therefore I believe change has to be done from the inside .

I did my research and I found taking Collagen Glysine and Glutathione is what I need to recommend to my clients . I have been selling collagen and clysine for along time and now thanks to this, I'm introducing Glutathione and make it available to my clients.

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